about-firescycleFirescycle is the leader of electric unicycle and 2 wheel scooter in top quality, who devotes to developing our products that transfform the way you live, work, shop and play. No one knew the clown unicycle could blend with modern hi-tech technology and become a product that is literary changing people’s mobility. The electric vehicle comes with its own unique balancing system and no driver can fall while using it amidst being very safe to use.

Today, we aren’t only focused on serving our clients by developing safe, special electric scooters that are redefining personal transportation, but also update come human functions like Voice Reminder, Protecting Controlling, LED Lighting, LCD Displaying, Bluebooth as well Braking System. As a high tech vehicle, Firescycle comes to personal transportation. If you like the idea of energy efficiency, then you should like it. It is capable of driving you home right from the bus termins or subway, ride you home or take you to the park or office. Be light weight and small shape means it is quite convenient if you want to have a solution for a couple of miles that you could have walked.

The intelligent system comes with helps it to balance automatically as the inertial monitoring, and the gyroscopes correct the motor speed, which will make the player more safe while enjoying it – easily, intelligently, efficiently, safely.

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