1. What is one wheel electric scooter or electric unicycle?

With the development of human society, electric unicycle overturns the traditional tracffic tools, especially for short distance moving. It is too small and convenient to unbelieve you wonderful, and you only need to put feed on it, moving as per adjusting your body angle. It has been more and more popular and welcome for young man and girl. While you ride a scooter going by the crowd, sure all focuses will be gather to you.

2. How to ride single wheel scooter or 2 wheel scooter?

It is very simple and easy to use single wheel scooter or 2 wheel scooter. Let’s open the power buttom, first put a leg on a pedal of scooter and make your ankle niping the side of scooter,  slowly gliding until other foot can be put on other pedal, turning the body weight and adjusting the angle between the legs and ankles, the scooter will automatically move forwards or reduce the speed.

3. Is our self balancing scooter same as other scooters?

The principle of all self balancing scooters is same, working according to solid state gyroscopes and the functions are also similar. But there is large differece in 3 features and our scooter is more durable, smarter and comfortable for the quality supports, especially CPU balancing system of control panel, lithium battery capacity, power electric motors, tyre material as well some special functions like 16″ tyre, Al pedals, speed controlling, power LCD display, LED light system, as well voice alarm etc. Additionally, it is the most important after-sales service available for any consumer, necessary for the quality warranty. A top scooter should be enjoyed it in easy, intelligent, effient and safe, and it is our goal firescycle making your life shines.

4. How does the payment process work? When will I get my scooter?

After your select a scooter, you are taken to the paypal for checkout screen where you complete your payment. After your payment has been completed, our Invoice will be sent into your e-mail immediately. Sure, the selected scooter will be sent via TNT or DHL courier in 24 Hours, too.

5. I’m having trouble processing the payment process. Who can help?

If you are having trouble with your payment processing, please contact paypal directly via e-mail or phone through their website.

6. What is our scooters’ advantage, why to select our electric unicycle and scooter?

Updated Balancing MCU PCB Control Doard
Super Strong Lithium-ion Battery Imported
An Exceptional Firm Shell of Scooter Body
Professional Explosion-Proof Electric Motor
Top Rubber Tyre & Aviation Aluminum Alloy Pedal

More Details…