Product Description

For a big distance moving, electric unicycle F260 is a good chioce and its max range is about 35 kilometers for 264Wh capacity battery, chargin time for 120 minutes only.

Technology Data Details – F260

Charging Voltage: AC100~240V/50~60Hz
Maximum Speed: 20Km/H
Maximum Climbing Angle: 15°
Maximum Loading: 120Kgs
Slanting Protection: 45°
Overspeed Protection: Up To 18KM/H Open
Low Voltage Protection: Power Less Than 10% Open
Failure Reminder: Vibration & Live Voice Reminder
Battery Capacity Alert: LCD Display 0-100%
Lighting System: LED Headlight & Braking Taillights
Sound System: Speed, Low Power, Fault Live Voice Reminder

Additional Information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 56 x 33 x 60 cm

-10° ~ 50°



Body Size


Tire Size

16* 2.125 Inch

Pedals’ Height


Extra Parts

Charger, Pump, Extension Tube, Training Auxiliary Wheel


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